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This Article contains excerpts from POSSIBILITIES Magazine; Vol. 2 No. 1; Click to download the Magazine here.

Rev. Johnson Okpe has been in Medical service for about 35years. He is presently the Chief Nursery Officer at the General Hospital, Northbak, Makurdi. He read Industrial First Aid at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) ldiaraba, and then went ahead to study Management and Administration at the lnstitute of Management and Technology, Enugu.

He has dedicated his life to Rural Medical Missions. He travels extensively to villages and schools with free medical services to the people of those areas. Besides free Medical services, he and his team also teach personal, environmental hygiene, menstrual hygiene and nutrition. This opens the platform to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. By God’s grace, I and my partners have reached out to 6 states and Abuja. These include Benue, Plateau, Imo, Tarabar, Kogi and Abia states.

Outstanding testimonies have always been recorded. In all the outreaches so far, several people gave their lives to Jesus Christ, even people of other religions. They become unashamed of this Jesus that brings them salvation, free healthcare services and shows them never experienced love in the rural interiors. In overwhelming joy, these new converts burst into joy and join the crusade, declaring their public faith in Christ. Beyond testimonies on the field, God has also brought healing through this work by backing up their words with sign and wonders. Some time ago, a young lady in London had cancer and another lady in USA called in. Both of them were prayed for on phone and both got healed to God’s glory. Various provisions of finances and drugs from friends and partners have never ceased.

Rev Johnson’s walk with Christ in Rural Medical Missions has not been without his own tests of faith. He gave his life to Christ in November 1985 and sensed the call of God in 1986. He joined CAPRO prayer cell group in Makurdi in 1987. The call became clearer when he attended the Last Days Gathering of CAPRO that same year. He had an orientation at CAPRO School of Missions and was sent to the Mumuye field for “Operation Joshua” for 3 weeks. This was his first experience in Medical Missions.

On embarking further into God’s will for his life, he started out on personal Rural Medical Missions. The enemy was not holding back as Rev. Johnson Okpe has had two different cancers but God saw him through them all. He describes the experience in his own words:

“After a three day crusade in a village, I had burden for an elderly man in that village. I never knew he was the chief priest of that village and that his house was the village shrine. I went to him with pastors of the village, ministered to him for about an hour then he gave his life to Christ. I left the village with excitement but had two flat tires on the way. On getting home, l noticed a small swelling on my lips that was painless. After some months, it was said to be cancer of the skin. I went to theatre five times. I met a cancer specialist who did a Histology and reported life cancer cells seen. I rejected the report. I later learnt the specialist is a pastor with a church, l then visited his church for a midweek service. When he saw me he was glad to see me, he prayed with and pronounced an end to the cancer of the skin and it was over.

After a while the Lord told me l was going to have another attack which began like malaria. Several anti-malaria drugs were given but no effect, several test were carried out. After a medical test was carried out, no malaria was discovered but a low blood level of 3.4grams was noted. I had a preaching engagement at Federal College of Education, Okene in Kogi. I drove to Okene, preached and returned to Makurdi. I was then placed on blood transfusion. After 3 pints of blood, it remained at 3.4gram. I had 58 pints of blood in 3 months and was referred to India. God’s promise at the onset was that He would see me through. I went to National Hospital Abuja, came to BSTH and it was transfusion still. Then l prayed, my church prayed, friends and relatives prayed. This time it was called Mylodysplesia. One night the Lord visited as promised and healed me at BSTH. I was looking like a skeleton. All my bones were exposed. After the healing, they told me to go and rest in India, though the referral was bone marrow transplant.

I needed N3.5m to go to India, the good Lord provided the money from friends, relations and the brethren. I got to India with a blood level of 2.4gram, two pints were rushed into me and I became stable. I took eight pints more of parked cell with some medications. I was to spend 4 months in the hospital but spent 3 weeks and was discharged.

The money we could count to have been spent was 6.5 million. I held unto God’s promises and it came to pass as promised. God is a faithful God. Whatever He says, He will do, for no word leaves His mouth and returns to Him void. He told me not to be afraid that it will be for a while and He will see me through, and that was exactly what He did”

Rev Johnson Okpe who understands nursing to be a Call not just a profession, uses this as a platform for Medical Missions and Soul Winning. Constantly motivated by the love of God that He proved at Calvary, he believes the only way he can express his love back to God is by embarking on God’s heartbeat: Evangelism. In his concluding remarks, he deeply appreciates his team in these words; “I am also motivated by my wife’s commitment to God and this great work; the love of my life, the gift of God to my soul. She is a great friend and partner in the vineyard of the Lord. My wonderful children who are always there, showing concern for what I am doing. Finally, my friends and partners who are also a great encouragement to me; they are not only praying with me but putting their money into this Kingdom work. May the good Lord bless and keep you till HIS return in Jesus name. Amen!”

This Article contains excerpts from POSSIBILITIES Magazine; Vol. 2 No. 1; Click to download the Magazine here.

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