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  1. A book will open doors for you.

You will gain the advantage of meeting celebrities and dignitaries because it is perceived that authors are responsible, intelligent and serious people. Books open doors that would stay locked to common men.


  1. A book will help you develop and generate leads, contacts and followers.

As people read your book from far and near, you automatically win the followership and loyalty of many, some of whom you may not meet in a long time. Through online downloads and sales, you can also gather contacts and build your email list.


  1. A book will earn you money.

The rate of reading has and will continue to improve in every society, though at different rates. This assures you as an author of an increasing potential market and sure financial income.


  1. A book will open up speaking engagements.

Your book will open you up to speak to audiences you may never meet, if you did not get published. If you ever dream of speaking to people, you can start and grow your speaking career through a published book. This is a great a starting point.


  1. A book will give you a celebrity status.

Your book will make you a public figure, and create a celebrity image for you.


  1. A book will make you an influencer.

Because books bring enlightenment and inform people on how to solve problems by taking certain steps and decisions, your book will help you influence people’s decisions. Because authors are perceived to be experts in their field, people will take the steps they read up in your book.


  1. A book could make you travel the world

You do not necessarily need to be very wealthy before you would have so much money to travel the world. Your book would take your name to the farthest places on the earth, reaching people you may never have dreamt of.


  1. Being a published author would give you time, money and family freedom.

Becoming an author would make you money while you have time for family, leisure and freedom to schedule your working hours.

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