Christmas is here again and despite all the challenges faced by the world, almost everyone is already making huge plans on how to celebrate the season. You must not be left out of the plans. I know exactly what you are thinking right now – no money, right!?

We are aware of this, and even if you have the finances to celebrate the festive season, what about having more for the new year? Do not forget that at the beginning of the year, usually, most people hardly spend or display generosity. Will you not rather take on some business ideas, explore them, and make more money for yourself and your family?

Your financial well-being is one of our top priorities at Upright Magazine. Consequently, in this edition, we recommend five business ideas that you can convert to profitable ventures this festive season. In October, our maiden edition provided you with sound, in-depth, logical business tips; this edition even does better. You may need to get a writing pad, pen and calculator, as you engage in some business analysis.

Let us get started!

1. Items Basket

Item basket requires creativity, to meet the needs of your environment. I will spread the item basket business into three categories: food basket, fruit basket and gift basket.

– The Food Basket is a form of business whereby you purchase some basic commodities that are regularly used in the house primarily for cooking. I understand that currently, items in the market are expensive, but there are ways you can make your food basket affordable and attractive.

Items in your food basket can include: a 5kg bag of rice, a 5kg bag of brown beans, one tuber of yam, one litre each of palm oil and groundnut oil; canned foods such as tomato paste, sweet corn, green peas, kidneys, hot dogs; onions, seasonings, salt, and other spices. You can also include other minor food items that serve as side dishes such as spaghetti and pasta.

After purchasing all these food items, package them in a sealed container or plastic bag and carefully arrange them in a handy basket. Ensure the bean seeds are void of chaff and weevils. Giving attention to such little details can attract you more customers.

Fruit Basket is a unique idea because it is not a regular business. Your packaged basket filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables can make a difference now,and beyond the festive season. Purchase some fruits and vegetables, and store them in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Ensure the fruits are fresh, neatly washed and sealed in a Ziploc bag.

Buy at wholesale prices from larger markets, not from retailers because it would be more expensive, limit your choices and even reduce your profits. You can buy colourful, plastic baskets to package your items. Buy several Ziploc bags and seal each fruit and vegetable separately. For instance, if you plan to package five different fruits in a basket, seal more than one piece of each category of fruit in five different Ziploc bags, and arrange neatly in your basket.

Gift Basket: Most companies give gifts to their clients, as a form of gratitude, during the festive season. You can explore this idea. You may not necessarily approach the companies’ executives but you can render this service to staff, who desire to appreciate their bosses or employers. The gift basket is relatively more affordable to make, and easier to sell. If you are an individual who enjoys buying gifts for people, you can take advantage of the season, and turn that passion into money.

Some of the gift items you can include in the basket are provisions, souvenirs, writing materials, assorted wines, biscuits, and chocolates. You can also brand your items with your client’s choice of name or inscription.

2. Fabric and Clothing

Irrespective of events occurring around them, the festive season is a time when people want to wear something new and look good. This is the right time to start promoting your fabric and clothing business via social media platforms.

You do not really have to be a fashionista to venture into this business. You just need some fashion sense on how to combine outfits. You can package a complete matching outfit set by including a dress, panties, underwear, neck accessories, a pair of shoes, a pair of socks and a pair of fashionable glasses (for children only).

While adults can purchase fabrics of their choices and get them sewn at their desired tailors, you can offer to assist them in not only getting the clothes sewn, but also branded. Most people do not want to face the stress of delays or disappointments associated with patronising tailors, so you can partner with a very good and affordable designer to render them this service.

3. Poultry

Due to the prices and special tastes of chicken and turkey, most people reserve their consumption of these birds for special festive occasions like Christmas. However, many do not enjoy the stress associated with the preparation of the birds. All they want is a neatly dressed chicken ready for cooking or even serving.

Having a poultry business is a good idea. You can sell your birds out to buyers or neighbours and earn your money in a jiffy. Whether you have a poultry or not, you can take advantage of this season when poultry consumption is especially high, and make some good profit.

There are several ways you can make money from poultry, some of which are listed below:

– Buy poultry wholesale either from a big farm or an individual, then resell the birds to your friends, family and neighbours at retail prices.

– In addition to selling poultry, to generate more funds, kill and dress birds for customers. Buy chickens and turkeys in large quantities, then employ ad-hoc staff to kill and dress the birds. That way, you do not have to be directly involved in the stress of killing the birds. All you do is supervise the procedures and ensure that all sales are properly recorded.

To operate this business, you do not have to rent a shop. You can partner with someone who has one, either in the market or a residential area, offer him a monthly stipend, and make your money. You will also need some equipment for the business such as a big cooking pot for boiling water, gas cooker (preferably), a waste bin for the disposal of the intestines and unwanted parts of the birds, sharp cutting knives and polythene bags for packaging.

To enhance customer relationship during the festive season, you may decide that the birds purchased from you will be killed and dressed free of charge. Alternatively, you can give them a discount. For instance, customers can get three birds killed and dressed, for the price of two.

– Roast, grill and fry chickens and turkeys. This aspect of the business will suit you better if you are interested in operating a poultry business, but feel the other options are too boisterous for you.  For tasty end products, you need to season the chicken or turkey with the right quantity of good quality seasonings, especially chilli or Cameroon pepper to make it spicy. Then, garnish it nicely, and package in a sealed plastic or Ziploc bag.

4. Decorations and Fireworks

Decorations are part of what makes the festive season beautiful and attractive. You can buy and sell lights, fireworks, Christmas trees and caps. Although this might be a little capital intensive, you will earn your profit at the end of the day.

If you do not have the financial means to stock different items of this business on a large scale, focus on stocking more of one item.  For instance, you can focus on selling lights. Buy different sizes and designs, and display some samples for people to see. Ensure that the location for your displays and sales is in an area where there is power stability. Remember, people are more convinced when they see what they want to buy, so display samples of your goods and attract your customers.

5. Cleaning Services

Along with friends and families, people want to visit and utilise public places during this period; but no one is willing to clean up the environment afterward. If you prefer rendering services to selling goods; this is one good idea on how to make money with your service. To enhance productivity, this business requires less capital, but more human resources. More hands will help you speedily achieve jobs you are handling, enabling you to meet up with the high demands of the season.

The demand for cleaning services is always high, and comes randomly. You cannot afford to disappoint clients. Your workers will predominantly have to be youths since they have the energy and vibrancy to work for longer hours.

Have a complete understanding of what your client wants before you make any decision on the services to render. In order not to run at a loss, calculate your bill on per capita (head) basis of all team members who will execute the job, and present this to the prospective client. Ensure the provision of your support team is allotted to your client depending on the nature of event, environment and time.

You may require some tools such as a large waste bins, brooms, brushes, dustpans, hand towels, tissue papers and disposable polythene bags for proper disposal of wastes. You may also include some cleaning disinfectants such as hand sanitizers, odourless liquid disinfectants and fresheners with good fragrances.

Which will you choose among these listed business opportunities to make extra money during this festive season? Take good advantage of the Yuletide season. Do not just spend money, make some. Merry Christmas in advance.

Nike Akinrimisi
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