The COVID-19 pandemic appeared like a tsunami across major countries in the world. No one believed that there could ever be such a paradigm shift in businesses and various sectors globally. Most businesses experienced a total or huge turndown, some had to lay staff off, while others had a reset plan by reducing the physical presence of staff at work. There was no one left without a change in business model and strategy. The pandemic, however, was a game-changer and eye-opening mechanism for business owners and prospective investors.

We realized that despite the reports of downsized sectors, businesses and individual brands, some industries smiled to the bank daily, recording high figures in daily returns on investment, sales and profits. Unlike other affected sectors, these industries waxed stronger in their chain of business transactions. The pandemic was indeed their moment of change and transformation.

It is our aim that after you keenly read through this article, with smart work, networking, prayer, discipline and commitment, you would become the game changer in your line of business.

Here are seven thriving business ideas you can do during this COVID-19 era to earn you fortunes, multiple investments and change of lifestyle. These business ideas have practical experiences of people who have successfully traded in them, secretly making their fortunes and growing in them in spite of the recession-hit global economy.

Fitness and Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment of intentional awareness for personal healthcare and lifestyle. People now embrace a healthy lifestyle because of the reports showing the negative effects of negligence towards proper healthcare, around the world.

This has led to an increase in business for existing owners and served as an eye-opener for new investors. Some people employed home service or indoor fitness instructors to help and guide them into achieving a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you would want to consider this line of business, you need the following to start: training mat, dumbbells, weight rings, skipping rope and tummy trimmer. These basic tools are affordable and mobile.

Peradventure you have a client who requires more, you can advise him or her to purchase the needed tools for personal use during the training.

More so, a lot of medical products made huge sales during this period and you can give them a try. These products include, hand sanitizers, nose masks, disinfectants, supplements, and healthcare products. In fact, some medical companies struggled to meet up with the demand.

Food Prep Business

The pandemic introduced a lot of new models and strategies to running businesses, one of which is venturing into food consumption. There are ways you can explore this business without much capital. Knowing that hygiene is an important factor in this form of business, packaging tasty food for sale and consumption will be a smart move.

You can purchase some fine food plastic containers, stylish cutlery, drinks, customised polythene bags for the food packaging and get it sealed. Include a flyer for your business inside the package to help secure more orders. Introduce free delivery system if you can, but ensure there are terms and conditions to apply depending on the distance involved.

For this kind of business, you may not necessarily need to rent a cooking space. You can do this within the comfort of your house. This will also help you minimize costs and extra expenses. These ideas can also apply to grills making such as fish, snail, chicken and beef.

Fish Farming

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in Nigeria and the world. It is also one of the industries that kept thriving through the lockdown. One aspect of this business you can look into is fish farming.

Fish farming is a very lucrative business, especially in areas with little competition. You don’t require much capital to start. You don’t need a piece of land as well to commence. With about ten thousand naira (N10,000), you can do it. Let us briefly talk about how to go about it.

To start a fish farming business, you can use your immediate environment for your fish pond. If you have quite a large premise where you can fix some large bowls enough to occupy about twenty fingerlings, then you are ready for business.

After this is settled, you can buy fish meal to feed the breeds. The rearing takes up to six weeks. You will also need a small water tank to serve as a source of life. Each fingerling cost about N5, so you can buy as many as you can. This business also thrives in wholesale supply to pepper soup business owners, grill makers, etc.

Fruits and Smoothie Making

Don’t be surprised that we are talking more about essential businesses. Well, the COVID-19 pandemic made us realise the importance of these businesses. People want to live healthy and longer. And one of the ways to achieve this is eating healthy. Fruits are recorded as natural supplements to living healthy and longer.

During the pandemic, fruit lovers became fruit and smoothie makers. In fact, most of them earned money they could not, before the pandemic. Here are quick ways of starting this business:

Know the kind of fruits and smoothies you want to make. Then purchase them. Ensure you have a strong fruit blender and extractor, stable power supply, deep freezer, new plastic bottles and corks, labelled stickers and passion to sell.

Don’t add water to your fruit blends and never include any sweetener to it. Leave it natural and organic. That is what people want and need to achieve a healthy target. That should be your unique selling point. With this business, you don’t need to spend much money. After a while of running the business, you can apply for business name registration to aid wider supply and credibility of your product.


There is no way you can have lines of businesses without getting them across to your clients or customers. So, this means that there is always need for logistics.

Logistics was another business that did not experience a downturn during the lockdown. Rather, the profit rate increased with high percentage. Everyone wants their products transported into the marketplace in a jiffy and also arrive at recipients’ location without any delay.

Running this business does not cost millions to start. This might be a little more compared to the ideas mentionedin this article. You will need a motorcycle for delivery, branded sticker pasted on the big box that will contain the package, a rider (if you cannot ride), and a business WhatsApp line for effective communication between your client and the company.

As the business expands, you can create a digital presence for it and keep expanding your location delivery and means of transportation.

Digital Marketing

All the businesses in this article require one major means of communication – Marketing. This business really made waves during the pandemic and still does. We are in an era of social distancing and technology. The advent of social media marketing adversely affected the growth of businesses. Hence the need for visibility of more businesses, products and services on social media platforms.

If you are social media savvy and have a keen interest in it, then you can utilise this skill. You can help brand owners to manage their businesses online and make your money.

Digital marketing business does not require a fortune to start. All you need is a good mobile phone or a laptop. You will also need sufficient internet service and effective connection.

Part of this business includes Content Development of various kinds such as copywriting, creative mind, good eyes for graphics and quality videos, etc.


Lastly on this list is e-learning. E-Learning was the only surviving means of education all over the world during the lockdown. As a matter of fact, most learning institutes embraced digital learning as part of their curriculum.

Some schools in Nigeria are yet to overcome the effects of the spread of coronavirus. The schools that have resumed physically aren’t operating fully. There is still a window for tutors, teachers or bloggers to tap into this opportunity and make money.

E-Learning business does not require much. You need a good phone to record in the absence of a DSLR camera, a lapel microphone for quality audio, light, YouTube channel, and a serene environment to record.

You don’t need a studio to run this business. If you have a space in your house, create a small space where you can put your board or table and your instructional materials for teaching. While schools are still exploring this aspect of technology, maximize this opportunity as an online tutor.

For instance, as a chef, you can create an online platform to teach people your recipes. The good thing about e-learning is that the higher your viewers, the more visibility you create and that is a good way of building traffic and wealth. YouTube starts to pay you for generating content and traffic on its platform, you can get sponsored contents and opportunities to run adverts for brands.

We believe that these businesses are thriving now and will continue beyond COVID-19 era if you will commit yourself to it.

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