Many writers fail and fall between the process of putting pen to paper and becoming published authors. Many never complete a book much less a series. In this article, you will discover a major secret that gets successful authors going.

If you want to be a successful writer, you must define your purpose for writing. So much goes into writing, from getting inspiration, interpreting them into right words and sentences, editing articles, etc; it is hard work. Stop expecting to do well when you do not have a clear reason for starting out in the first place. Define your motivation for becoming a writer. This forms your primary passion through the process of getting your work out to the public.

There are seven basic motivations for writing. They include;

  • Money:

Many people write to earn. In fact, you can make loads of money from writing articles, books, blog posts, etc. My Book: HOW TO WRITE FOR A LIVING, reveals various ways anyone can turn articles into cash.

  • Documentation:

Some people write basically to keep records of events. This is necessary for family history, organizational and corporate logistics, etc.

  • To Communicate Ideas and Opinions:

This I believe is the general reason why people write. You can expose people to new schools of thought and ideas through your articles and books.

  • Talents:

Some people are naturally gifted writers. Getting the inspiration is not a problem and getting the sentences right also comes naturally to them. When writing is a gift, you will write regardless of any kind of obstacle.

  • Boredom:

Some people write to overcome boredom. I have heard of people who wrote their first or best books while in prison. You could write as a quality way to invest your time.

  • To See Your Works in Print:

I know those whose joy in this field is just to see their works in print. They are not interested in the money or fame that comes with this field.

  • Hobby:

A few people write to develop the skill into a hubby; and it works. The more your discipline yourself to write, the better you become at it. So, write!

Define your motivation and get your pen back to paper.

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Deji David Olanrewaju

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