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In the Old Testament, Leadership among God’s people was traditionally about being in one of two offices. While we had a few exceptions like Solomon, leaders were primarily Priests or kings. Solomon was a king who was privileged to stumble on a priestly role. In 2 Chron. 7:1, Solomon sacrificed to God and fire came down from heaven. This was a rare privilege for an Old Testament king.

In contemporary times, these roles have evolved. As kings today, we are believers appointed into circular leadership. Any Christian who is handling any form of leadership role in Politics, Business, Career, Family or Society, is a “king”. Then as Priests, believers are mediators between God and men, standing in the gap to represent God before the people and vice versa.

A striking phenomenon about the coming of Christ is the synergy of these two distinct roles into every believer. This means anyone who is in Christ Jesus is both a king and a priest at the same time. This is thrilling and was prophesied in the Old Testament.

Zech. 6:13-

“Yes, he will build the Temple of the LORD. Then he will receive royal honour and will rule as king from his throne. He will also serve as priest from his throne, and there will be perfect harmony between his two roles” (NLT).

Jesus inculcates into us, the wisdom to conveniently combine the Royal Anointing and the Priestly Anointing. We are endued with Grace to both be Career People and Ministers of the Gospel, and balance both roles conveniently. This is the mystery behind Workplace Ministry.

Scripture makes it clearer in Rev. 5:10-

“And you have caused them to be a Kingdom of priests for our God. And they will reign on the earth” (NLT)

What is Workplace Ministry?

Workplace Ministry is using your career to fulfill your calling; it entails using your career or business or work to carry out the work of the Ministry. It also means combining office work and Ministry work.

I perceive that the LORD’S core goal is to make us all understand the validity of workplace ministry to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. In Luke 8:1-5, Peter, the disciple whom Christ handed over His Church to, was in his office (Peter Fishing Ltd), when Jesus asked for his office space to use for Ministry crusade. This was the event that opened up Peter’s destiny!

Many more exploits will happen in moving forward God’s Kingdom on the earth when we understand that, Workplace Ministry is God’s end time tool for fulfilling the Great Commission. We would experience greater testimonies when we stop separating our business from God’s work. Many people will never come to your church, yet they will relate with you at work. This serves as your opportunity to bring them to Christ, by leading an exemplary life, and introducing salvation to them.

I have observed that many Church members have greater congregations than Church Pastors. As a business owner, when you have about a hundred people visiting your office weekly, you cannot be compared to the Church Pastor who struggles to keep that number coming every week to Sunday service.

As Royal priests and Workplace Ministers, we must truly be Reigning Priests. As a king, you must reign! Understand that you possess an anointing to lead! Seek to get better on the job, and climb the ladder up your career path. Leadership is God’s will for you. Kings are on top; take courses, improve in your knowledge base; be the best in your career and climb. At the top, you will dominate for Christ; so go up!

Then as priest, you must understand that you represent God before the people. You are an intercessor to ensure God’s will is ensured in your territory. Take the people’s problems to God, pray for your co-worker, and customers. Teach them God’s word and trust God for miracles in their lives. That is the work of a Priest! The reason why many Christians get into Leadership and fall away is because they hold on to the Royal duties, forgetting their Priestly roles. When you fulfil both roles, you carry the Kingdom brand before all men. This Kingdom identity is your first assurance that certain frivolous offers will never be brought your way.

Never forget, you are a Royal priest, with the Royal and Priestly anointing. Workplace Ministry is your responsibility; there is grace to harmonize both roles. Go and take your territory for the King. You shall account for your career.

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‘Deji David Olanrewaju