Evang. Delmwa Bot: the Woman Missionary, Tirelessly Doing Exploits

Evang. Delmwa Bot is a missionary, born on the 4th of October, 1969. She is the 3rd of seven children and hail from Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State. She had her first encounter with Christ in June 1985, as a form 3 student of St. Louis College, Jos, Due to the physical, moral and spiritual upbringing she had from her parents, her growth in the things of God was quite rapid and the Godly influence she received from them made her become rigid to unnecessary distractions.

In 1992, she got married to Rev. Dung Bot and the union has been blessed with 3 children: Niri Dorcas, Dagwom Jesse (of blessed memory) and Renuyel Deborah; all of whom were born in different mission fields. So, each of them represent a group of people. Evang. Bot is the Vision Coordinator of Global Missions Fellowship in Zot-shen village, Plateau State.

Evang. Bot’s encounter with missions started at an early age when white missionaries of the Sudan Interior Missions (S.U.M) and their children were always playing around.  In her words, “the love those missionaries expressed and the beauty that surrounded that community made me believe that the work of missions, was all about being a joy giver. So, I saw missionaries as agents of change. In fact, those missionaries would eat our local meals, no matter how badly it was prepared, they ate with joy.” One day in fellowship, a missionary couple shared their testimony and she heard a very clear voice in her spirit saying, she would be sent to people she did not know, and make the name of Christ known to them. From that day she did not have peace pursing anything other than missions.

In 1991 she met the man she eventually married, he was already a missionary in Koma Hills, Adamawa State. This gave her assurance and a great sense of fulfillment. She joined her husband in the field and for her, it was on – the – job training because she never went to any mission school. With this, she acquired practical experience as a missionary. She is specifically passionate about rural communities.

Evang Bot has worked in various mission fields. Apart from joining her husband in Koma Hills where they did evangelism and discipleship.

In her words, “Anywhere we go, our focus is meeting the needs of the community. There are times the community may not need church planting immediately, we would look for a little project we could start, until a church is eventually planted. In Yelwa, Ganye LGA Adamawa state, we started a nursery school and then evangelism and later a church was planted.”

She also worked with her husband among the Jukun Kona people in a village called Kaudad in Jalingo Local Government Area of Taraba State. Since the place was difficult to penetrate, she started a children’s bible club, because the children were always coming around. With this, evangelism began and then a church was planted.

The 4th field the couple worked was with the Gbari people in Gwam village, Paiko Local Government Area of Niger state. It was a hard ground, they worked there and pulled out. The area is 99.99% Muslim. However, she is grateful to God, because recently, another missionary has been sent to that village, who has successfully planted a church there.

The next field was the Afizere people in Jos East Local Government Area, Plateau State. Missionaries were sent to a village called Gada, where they did evangelism and discipleship and worked with the existing churches on ground. Although churches were existing there, the people were not growing spiritually.

She has also sent missionaries who worked in her father’s village called Langung in Pankshin Local Government Area; among the Ngas people of Plateau state. Evangelism was done and a church was planted.

Presently, she works and resides in Jos South Local Government Area of  Plateau State. She started with a widow’s fellowship and did some community evangelism and by the grace of God, she has been able to bring churches together to host crusades and the results have been awesome. Evang. Bot also hosts Bethesda Missionary Kids Ministry, a strategy that educates the less privileged missionary children, right under her roof.

Talking about testimonies on the field, Evang. Bot has quite some thrilling testimonies of God’s faithfulness and commitment to those that serve Him.

I will share three of those test-imonies. In Koma Hills, we didn’t have much problem but let me share the first major testimony I had in Kona Land in Taraba State.

In a particular field where the natives build their round huts without windows, she and her husband were given a hut with a spoilt thatch roof. “Each time it rained, we packed our beddings and waited for the rain to stop falling. Afterwards, we would spread out our mattress again and go back to sleep. This continued until God provided money for us to build our own hut, we fixed some windows so that we could get some fresh air. It became the talk of the town because the natives of that community had never seen people use windows in their buildings”.

Evang Bot buried her boy in Kona land. He was very sick, there was no means of transportation and they were surrounded by a river. Eventually, they got some assistance after about 2 days and were able to take him to the hospital, but he did not survive. However, this was only a strengthener to them as miracles and proofs began to increase on the mission field

Her husband, Rev. Dung Bot was an accountant by training. Scaling through school and professional practice was a bundle of testimonies, before he gave up everything to answer the call into missions. There was a time, he was bitten by a viper, in the field in Taraba state and he did not tell his wife. Two weeks later, she saw him removing two sharp things from his feet, and asked what he was doing. He confessed he was bitten by a snake but told God that it would not be enough to stop him.  He did not take injections. He was very rugged. He never wanted to go to places where there were existing churches. He always wanted to go to places that had completely nothing. Even if there was no food, he would go there and sacrifice and the results he got in the field were awesome.

Rev Dung Bot took ill. He had served to the point where there was no more strength in him. At a point, he started going into depression. He came to a low state in his life. At a time, he was almost giving up because it was as though he had laboured for years and there was nothing to show for it. At that point, his wife was the one strengthening him.

Evang. Bot insists that there is still a great gap between church ministry and missions. She believes that if all hands are on deck, things will be better for missionaries and the work will be more effective. She said, “If all hands are on deck, we will record fewer deaths. We will have fewer depressions. We will generate more results. Believers should give more priority to missions.

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    This is very deep and inspiring. Lord I ask for such depth of hunger that transcends the shores of comfort and convenience, to reach out for souls..

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