Evang Sunday Oguche

Meet Evangelist Sunday Oguche, of God’s Care Missions, Okpo, Kogi State. He knew the Lord quite early in life, at age 14, on the 6th of June 1975. Young Sunday Ogwuche met the Lord in a crusade as the gospel was preached with signs following. Blind eyes opened, the cripple walked, deaf ears heard, the dumb spoke. He surrendered his life to Jesus, yearning with passion to be an evangelist.

The Beginning of His Spiritual Walk

It was very clear from the beginning that sin is a destiny wrecker, particularly the sin of immorality because it involves your whole being – spirit, soul and body. At that time, those dealings made me have a completely extreme negative disposition to women. It was so extreme that I would not even shake ladies. I remember one of my pastors asked me to counsel a single sister in church and I said, “God forbid.” I walked away. But as I grew, I understood better that the problem is not the issue of shaking or not shaking hands. The problem is, if your heart is not delivered from it, even when you don’t shake hands, your heart will still be a prey to sin. The knowledge of the truth set me free. This foundation has helped me walk with God for these 45 years, in life, and Ministry.

God’s Care Mission Started

After I got born again, in my JSS 2 or so, I had passion to serve God. When I completed my secondary school, I got a job with the Federal Ministry of Aviation, to work at the airport. But I had to further my education, so in 1980, I gained admission to MUTCAST (Murtala College of Art, Science and Technology) in Makurdi. The college was later made a polytechnic and relocated to Ugbokolo, Okpokwu LGA of Benue State. I obtained the National Diploma (ND) in June 1982, and I continued serving God. Before the end of my ND, I was already sensing the call of God very strongly. In fact, I almost ran out of school but with some caution from elders, I managed to graduate, and then I asked God, “Is it time?” He said, “No, I will send you to your village, you will start serving me from there.” I applied for a teaching job in the village, was given one where I was posted to the village miraculously, and then in the village, I started a fellowship in my father’s house which is still there till today. One year after leaving school, I asked the Lord “What next?” He said I should go back and finish my HND. So, I went back and graduated in 1985. The Lord already told me, that I would be the president of Christian Corpers’ Fellowship.

Then I served with Oyo state Christian Corpers’ Fellowship for one year, and piloted the affairs of the Corpers’ Fellowship. That was 1985 – 1986. Towards the end of the service, I asked the Lord, “Is it time?” He said “No, I will send you back to the polytechnic to raise young men for me, I will give you a lecturing job.” So, before the end of the service, I dropped my application.

Several of the Principal Officers on the campus did not want me to come into the system because they felt that as a student, my message had affected their several girl friends. They had lost several girl friends to the gospel I was preaching, and If I came in there as a lecturer, they felt they would not be able to raise up their heads anymore, so they fought it. But since I had heard the Lord, I did not bother to go up and down looking for a job, so I had to wait. I was preaching here and there and waiting, and then when they insisted, the Lord removed all the management staff, and then appointed an administrator, the Acting Rector. When the Acting Rector came up, one of the first things he did was to release my appointment letter. That was how I got into the school. God removed them so I could get in. And I was there in Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo, for about five years. While I lectured there, I was the Patron of the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) and I used to organize a prayer camp, a 3 day Fasting and Prayer Camp.

After two years there, the Lord gave me a warning signal that I had three years to go. At the end of 1991, the Lord told me that in 1992, I was going to leave and I was going to come to Okpo. Here, I was going to start God’s Care Missions, a platform of extending God’s Care to humanity; to be a proof to men that God really cares, as they see God’s intervention in handling the needs of men. So, in January 1992, I began to look for accommodation. Most houses in this locality were not completed because it was a common phenomenon there that once you a start building, you die. Even before I was told, I had already seen many uncompleted buildings, and the people who were building these houses were dead. That was the picture of where the Lord was asking me to go.

A lot of friends were not at home with my leading. “Why should an anointed man of God like you go and stay in Okpo, a village?” they asked. They would call the name of the place so ridiculously that if I did not hear God well, even the way they called the name of the place was enough to make me feel ashamed of myself, so as to look for somewhere else to go to. I remember one of my friends said, “Why Okpo? Kogi is a very poor state, not even Lokoja, or Abuja or Port Harcourt.” And I said to him, “the people in Okpo are souls too, and that’s where God asked me to be, and that is why I am going there.” Some felt I would soon run away from the place after a few years, but that ’92, I eventually got an uncompleted building, and the owner of the building was still alive. I parked into the building and gradually kept using my rent to finish it up. I stayed there from 1992 to August 1998. Eventually, we had the first Calebites Conference in August 1992, in the Ceremonial Square in town. It was just a gathering of few people with Rev. Francis Felola, from Osogbo, as one of our speakers. I am not too sure we were up to a hundred people in that conference. We fixed the conference without accommodation. People came in from Ugbokolo, and other different places. But thank God the conference now attracts people from all over the world. Presently, I think there are people who have attended from five continents. So far, Australia is the only continent, where we have not had physical participants attend our conferences from, but people join us online from there.

God told me “I am sending you to Okpo, like I sent John the Baptist to the wilderness. From Okpo, I will send you to the world, and I will bring the world to Okpo.” God has faithfully kept His word. On March 6th 1993, God’s Care Mission was officially inaugurated and it’s been wonderful, God has been gracious.

Handling Rebellion and Converting Muslims

Like every other person has challenges, Muslims do too. Some of them carry these challenges and needs to their prophets and they do all kinds of incantations and prayers for them and, they find no answer. So many times, they are redirected to go to the Christians, the church for prayers. There’s one spectacular case I will never forget: one child was troubled, the mother took the child everywhere, there was no help and somebody said, “Take this child to God’s Care Mission Miracle Service.” The mother said, “How will I take this child to a miracle service? I am not a Christian.” Then I said, “Your child will remain the way he is.” So, when it became too much, she decided to bring the child to one of our miracle services. Nobody even knew, but during the worship session, God recreated the eyeballs and restored her child’s eyesight. The child is alive to see. Of course, this mother gave her life to Jesus. She is Holy Ghost filled, speaking in tongues. Now she has given her life to Jesus, she doesn’t miss any programme in church and you can easily detect her, she is the most joyful and excited person there.

Then one day, one of her children fell sick and on the way to the hospital gave up. The devil wanted to embarrass her for what she did. But the bible says, “All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” When this happened, the two people with her said, “Okay, let us go back home, the child is dead already.” But she said, “Which home? I have found a new home, that place God restored sight back to my child. He will restore life back to my son.” So, she tied up the corpse of the child and then came straight into the compound.

She said, she didn’t need to disturb anybody, that God is everywhere. She just took some sand from the ground and poured it on the child and instantly, the child jerked back to life. What the devil had done in order to scatter her faith, God used to establish her. And she is still standing till tomorrow.

All over Igala land, we keep seeing Muslims repenting as they come to our crusades. They come with challenges, they come with their needs, they hear the Gospel, they hear what Jesus can do, they give their lives to Jesus and what we tell them is confirmed in their lives. This year particularly, we have seen so much harvest of miracles. And in this land, we have seen a lot of harvest and they are standing, they are standing. Some of them have gone beyond the level of family persecution. For some, their parents will say, “I can’t be converted, but you people can go ahead.” I have seen a lot of harvest of Muslims.

Arms of God’s Care Missions

God’s Care Missions is involved in quite a number of things. We have a burning passion to see hell empty and heaven populated. And in fulfillment of this desire, we run crusades globally, all over the nation and other parts of the world. And we have seen God in His infinite mercies, save drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals, occultic people, all kinds of people. We have seen massive harvest of souls globally in our crusades.

Calebites Conference: Then we also have a desire to see God’s people established and mobilized for missions.  In that light, we run conferences. One of the conferences we hold is, “Calebite Conference,” which was the first conference we held when we came in here. Today, the one here attracts people from all over the world. Then we also run the same conference in Europe, London, Switzerland, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Cameroon, Ghana and a number of other places.

Emerging Ministers’ Conferences: To equip ministers of the Gospel because we believe ministry is not just preaching, it is life transfer. If a man’s life is not correct, his ministry will not add value to humanity and to the advancement of the cause of Christ. So, we run, “Emerging Ministers’ Conference,” every year. It is normally in May, and is attended by ministers from all over the nation.

Women Leadership Convention: That is to equip the women to be more vibrant, useful to God and to their families.

Youth Ablaze Conference: We gather youths from all over the nation, teach them and trust God to set them ablaze.

Secondary School Higher Heights Conference: We gather students from secondary schools from all the states and teach them the word. It is exciting that a number of them are impacted. They finish their secondary school with genuine born gain experience. Through the impact of the teachings, a number of them stay off cheating during their WAEC. I was overwhelmed when I went to the University of Jos some years ago, and a young lady ran to me. She said, “Sir, I gave my life to Christ in secondary school, in one of your conferences.” And she told me the year that happened. I went to preach in Yola to the Corp Members and there was a local preacher that was also invited who is resident there. He had a session and I was the main speaker. When he came in and saw me, he came and threw himself on the ground and was greeting and greeting me. I was wondering, “Where did I meet this man?” He now said to me, “I am one of your sons, I got converted in one Secondary School Higher Heights Conference many years ago. I am now in Yola, serving the Lord,” I was so happy. I also remember that December 2019, I was in a crusade somewhere, and then one of the Pastors came and met me and said, “Sir, I got born again in one of the Youth Ablaze Conferences. That’s where I caught the fire. Today, I am a Pastor in this denomination.”

Widows Conference: This is a gathering of widows from different parts of the country, we teach them the word of God and we bless them with money, foodstuffs, several different things. What we give to them, we give as keys that open the doors of miracles for them and the testimonies are amazing. If you attend the Widow’s Conference and hear the testimonies of what their keys did for them, you will think God is only for widows. Very amazing testimonies. 

God’s Care Missions Bible Institute: School of Ministerial Excellence:  We have two years Diploma Courses, One year Certificate Course and One Month Special Basic Certificate. We have students from the US, from different parts of Nigeria and other Nations. We have students from Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Chad, Cameroon, Central African Republic, we have students from different nations. But the school has also veered into Missions. We have a campus in Cameroon that has trained hundreds of students. We have a campus in Chad that has also trained several people. We have campuses in different cities in Nigeria that has trained a lot of ministers. We believe that if the quality of the life of the minister is high, his impact will be high. So, God has used it to correct a lot of lives that have been making a lot of mistakes in ministry. As they know the truth, the truth sets them free.

Education: The Lord told me when we came here that, I should give the people quality education, so that I can give them a future. The idea is, a child born in a rural community should not have substandard education than the child born in Abuja. He should not be disadvantaged because he has been born in a rural community. God gave us a mandate to give these children quality education at little or no cost. And, we are happy that our students have stood shoulder to shoulder with students from Abuja, Lokoja, different parts of the country. In fact, several students of ours, are first class students in their various universities. For instance, I went to preach in the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, and a number of ex – students of our secondary school who are now students of that institution, met me. As we talked, I asked them of their results. Their assessments showed they are first class students. In another instance, a primary school pupil went to sit for, I think, the Air force Secondary School Exams in Enugu, an exam normally attended by children from different parts of the nation. I believe he came out as the best, either best first or second. So, God has been that wonderfully gracious, God has been so faithful. He has kept His word to us. And we deeply, deeply are grateful to Him.

We have a special nursery and primary school and then we have a secondary school, and we are working on the university and trust God that by January 2021, we will get back to construction. We are still pursing the mandate to provide quality education to the less privileged at little or no cost. Our school has quality education and our fees are quite affordable for the less privileged. Sometimes, I have to personally augment, so that the staff can be paid.

Evergreen Foundation: Through this care arm, we give scholarships to orphans, the fatherless and less privileged. Under this scheme, so many have received scholarships for their secondary school education, college of education, university and so on and so forth. Many several hundreds have enjoyed scholarship from this mission and I am not exaggerating. We’ve been at that as from far back 1994, that’s quite some 26 years now. We involve the widows, orphans, the fatherless and less privileged. We also reach out to them every December. Like during Christmas. We give them clothes; we give them rice. In 2020, we had a cow tied down that was given to them. God is their Husband, so whatever God is providing through us to them is coming from their Husband. We assist with the burden of their children. We provide assistance and scholarships for their schooling – in the primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.

Printing Press: We have a printing press though not fully equipped yet. We have a machine for printing but we still need a few things for it to function fully. We are trusting God for some equipment so that we can roll out tracts and books very easily; because I am an author. I have written close to 30 different books.

Feed the Hungry: We started this two years ago. The first time we did this, Linkway Africa sent money from America. We bought about 13 bags of 100kg rice and announced that those who were hungry, who didn’t have any rice for Christmas should come. The sight broke my heart. Elderly, mature men came out, to receive just a small quantity of rice and they went back with it celebrating, rejoicing. My heart was broken, and I told myself, I don’t need Americans to feed the hungry. So last year, I trusted God. By the mercy of God, we were able to provide almost double what Linkway had originally sent. All the glory to God.


I was in my office one day and this widow came and told me her son was threatening to commit suicide. I asked her why. She said it was because she could not register him for WAEC, and he was a very brilliant child. She had borrowed money to register his elder brother but the brilliant boy had caught up with his elder brother, and they were now in the same class. The mother was now asking him to wait for his elder brother to register for the exam, while he would register the next year,  that is after she must have paid the debt she had secured to register his elder brother. And the young man said, “If this is what life is, I don’t want to live, let me die.” So, I asked the mother to bring him. When he came, he was very upset with everybody. But before he came, the Lord already instructed me to pay for his registration. When he came, I asked him, “Where do you want to register? How much is the fee?” He told me and I paid. He wrote the exams and cleared all his papers. There are multiple cases like that. God indeed has been faithful. Thank you!

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