Increasing Your Financial know-how (Part 1)

It is neccesary you develop your mental capacity to attract, control and intelligently increase your finances. You can determine your financial outcome and steadily grow at it, when you understand the Basics of Financial Intelligence. Money has a language and until you can speak the language of money, you may earn much but lack productive cash flow. Financial Intelligence suggests that you can productively engage money to work for you and produce expected yields. I discovered after years of careful financial understudy that, it is possible to earn much and yet stay poor.

It is not how much you earn that primarily determines your financial stability but how much you are able to produce from what you earn.

Money is not the printed paper we carry about; money is the value attached to the various denominations we have. Money has the potential to grow and diminish depending on the carrier’s understanding of financial handling. You can grow from financial nothingness into plenty by observing certain principles that command the multiplication of money. Years back in the higher institution, I decided to get better in financial matters. So I sought knowledge and started improving myself in the area of financial intelligence. As a young entrepreneur, I discovered I needed to treat money wisely so I gave attention to proper financial records. I got a small book where I recorded every amount that I received and spent everyday. It was funny and quiet tasking but it was worth every effort. At the end of the month, I did a sum of the total cash that came as income from my monthly allowance as a student, gifts from here and there . Then, I did not only have a thorough analysis of how much I expended, but my statement also revealed what particulars too away most of the cash I received. It was obvious that as a student I was getting so much money; and many students earn more than civil servants; but at the end of the month, I had little to show for it. Realising the bad state of my financial mentality was my first benefit. I had to enforce a change by restrategising the way I handled money, and today that decision is paying off.

I have a goal to help anyone interested in becoming better at ensuring money does not waste away in your possession but multiplies in your hands. I am running a Financial Intelligence Masterclass, where I will be revealing Cash management tricks, Cashflow secrets and Investment strategies that have taken me years to learn. They are proven and worth more than the cost of purchase. Until you are willing to be better in the way you handle money, you may have many opportunities and earn well but never be able to genuinely say you are making financial progress.

My Financial Intelligence Masterclass comes with a 50% Discount for Registrations received before 31st December 2018. I guaranty a 2018 of Financial Increase in multiples for everyone who registers. What are you waiting for, visit:

Deji David Olanrewaju
Business and Leadership Coach

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