In the early hours of Saturday 9th May 2020, Pastor Paul Ogungbile was home worshipping God with a song; when a mad man came to beg for alms from the clergy. Pastor Paul said to him, “as I am standing I don’t have money, should I give you what I have?” The mad man who was later discovered to be Mr Mike replied, “yes”, and the Clergy witnessed Christ to him.


In his words, Pastor Paul Ogungbile said, “I witnessed Christ to him and I instructed him to kneel down. As I laid my hands on him, the Holy Ghost took over. He gave his life to Christ”. It was discovered that Mr Mike had regained consciousness and began to remember things.

The healed Mr Mike who spoke good English, disclosed he was a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, and had been with the problem of insanity for 30 years. He hails from Edo state and lives in Ijaye, Ilesha, Osun state. People came from the street around to barb his hair while Pastor Paul Ogungbile gave him a change of clothes and some food to eat.

Pastor Paul Ogungbile is the President of Breakthrough Ministry International (BMI), and Facilitator of the Youth Empowerment Conference. His ministry focusses on helping youths discover their latent potentials through his different dimensions of Spiritual Schools. He is also an Intercessor.


The news of the healing of Mr Mike from the spirit of insanity is one of the miracles God is using to bring many to Himself and to strengthen the faith of His people in this era of lockdown and global pandemic. The present prevailing circumstances are not detrimental to the move of the Power of Jesus. If God can use Pastor Paul Ogungbile to heal a mad man in one corner in Ilesa, God can use you right where you are. The Church cannot be locked down.


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‘Deji David Olanrewaju is a Business and Leadership Coach. He helps Executives, Business Owners, Ministers and Career Persons stay competitive by Increasing their Corporate Value, Build Winning Teams, Improve Effectiveness and Achieve their Corporate Goals. He is a well known Author, Publisher and Trainer. His passion to empower the young generation has produced many published works; including the widely acclaimed book, “Preparing to Succeed in the Higher Institution”, currently enjoying nationwide coverage with over 30,000 copies in print.

Deji David Olanrewaju is a Minister of the Gospel, with a passion for Societal Transformation. He leads a vast number of young champions across Campuses and Corporate organizations, who lead Kingdom life and impact their spheres with Kingdom culture. He is happily married to Ihechi, a Legal Practitioner and Counsellor to young people. Their union is blessed with children.

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