Discussions of child sexual abuse was once a closely guarded one, as it was preposterous to imagine anyone would want to hurt a child sexually. Cases of sexually abused children were not rampant, therefore needed little discussion. However, times have changed! Presently, the media is often imbued with frightening stories of children being sexually abused, and it does not seem this trend is going to change any time soon.

 As parents and guardians, we hear horrible stories of, and see children who have been sexually abused, and silently pray our children will never be victims as well. Our God is faithful and will preserve our homes; however as parents, we have a responsibility to arm ourselves with relevant knowledge on how to prevent this menace; and furthermore, to protect our children by teaching them how to protect themselves from sexual abuse.

How do we protect our children from sexual abuse?

Watch carefully who your child spends time with

Studies have shown over 80% of child sexual abuses are perpetuated by people the child is familiar with and very few were strangers. These evil people groom child victims by giving them gifts, allowing them privileges, becoming their friends; and because parents are familiar with them, parents are less worried about the relationships these individuals have with their children. This write up is not to get parents to fear however, but to caution you to be extra watchful.

Teach your children sex education

I always tell parents – you are the first teachers of your child and most certainly the best persons to speak to them on sex education. The truth remains that if you do not speak to your child about sex, somebody else will. So ask yourself, “Would I rather speak with my child and answer all his/her innocent questions, than have a stranger do it and probably pass the wrong information to him/her?”

As you teach your children sex education, please include the following:

– Teach your Children to “Boldly Say NO” to an adult or anyone asking them to carry out an inappropriate act, even if it is someone that they know.

– Teach your Children to “Keep No Secret from You.”

– Teach them the “Correct Names of Body Parts,” so that they are aware and not left in the dark.

– Teach them the “UNDERWEAR RULE”: Everything Covered by the underwear is PRIVATE, and God’s gift to them.

– Teach them the difference between “Appropriate and Inappropriate Behaviour.”

Do not Shut your Children Up when they Report the Inappropriate or Funny Behaviour of Someone to You.

Please investigate and do not sit idle. Do not pass it off as baby talk. Let your children know that they can tell you anything and be confident that you will always have their back.

KEEP TALKING AND SHARING: Create Avenues to Talk about Sex Education, Once is Never Enough.

Ask your children questions that will get them talking, that way you

– Know how well they understand your message

– Know how well they understand your message

– Know how well they understand your message

Pray! Pray! Pray!

Prayers for our children must be without ceasing. Prov. 18:10 says, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run into it, and are safe.” Our children are safe and their future is preserved when we pray. so, never stop calling on the Lord concerning them.

I encourage every parent, to put aside fear of child sexual abuse. Hos. 4:6 says that God’s people perish for lack of knowledge. So rather than fear, take up the responsibility of empowering your children to keep safe.

Barr. Ihechi Olanrewaju

Barr Ihechi Olanrewaju has authored 2 books that equip parents, children, teenagers and teachers on protection against sexual abuse. Click Here to purchase

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