While I was in the university, I recall, my Structural Geology lecturer (Dr. I. P. Okonny, of blessed memory), made a remark in class one day. He said to be an excellent student, one had to be a triangular student. By this he meant the focal point of the student’s activities should only revolve around three locations: the hostel, lectures and library. He advocated that engaging in activities away from these spots would only constitute a distraction that would deter our academic pursuits.

In the hostel that evening, I tried to determine what kind of a student I was. I got my note pad and jotted down my focal points. At the end of the exercise, I discovered there were five points which truly defined my activities on campus, they are Lectures Fellowship, Library, Hostel, Restaurant. I was a pentagonal student, and there and then I made up my mind to remain so in order to maximise the pursuit of my academic goal.

As you read this I encourage you to pause right now, get out your notebook and jot down your focal points in order that you too might find out what kind of student you are. This will help you realize unnecessary activities you are involved in, which you can shelve off. You can then redirect that time, energy and focus towards achieving your academic goal.

It’s okay if your shape is different, or if it is also pentagonal, but have different focal points from mine. Whatever shape it is, please let it not be a circle.

A circular student is one who doesn’t know why he is on campus. He has time to be everywhere. If you are a circular student, your life will end up in circles. Determine not to be a circular student. Take a hold of your activities and channel them towards your academic goal.

Thank you

Tonye Ukaa

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