In August 2010, while Pastoring in Lagos, I was invited to Minister at a Regional Teens Camp somewhere in Ogun State, Nigeria. “Oh, what a great privilege of Grace”. Days ahead of the Camp, while preparing for my session, the LORD spoke to me in clear terms, “there will be witchcraft manifestations and witches will confess at the Camp”. So I was expectant to see God’s Power manifest.

Being a Minister with the Church organizing the Camp, I travelled with Teenagers and other Ministers of the Mission. The five days Camp started on a high note and everything was going fine. My Ministration was scheduled for Day 3 and I was ready to align with Heaven to see God’s power flow through my session. But on the contrary, nothing happened. I ministered God’s word to the best of my ability and nothing happened. I made an altar call and in fact mentioned that anyone who was into witchcraft should come forward and amend their ways; and nothing happened. While Ministering I felt powers all over the auditorium in great resistance, all the Campers were looking at me as I ministered. It looked like everyone was telling me, “finish your session and sit down”.

All Campers had to return to their lodge for a lunch break after the session. I returned to my lodge, appreciating God for the word. I was not satisfied; God told me something clearly and it had to happen. I left my lodge and headed for a quiet path in the forest within the Camp. I knelt down and prayed, “LORD let your Power burst forth upon this Camp. Do what you told me” I cried from my heart and God heard me.

An evening session was to resume at about 5.00pm, and we were on a Lunch/Rest Break from around 2pm. At about 3.30pm, a Group Leader had planned that Teenagers from their Zone would gather to pray and I was informed. As these young chaps from Ikorodu zone gathered, I was invited as a Teens Pastor to lead them. I led the Teenagers in appreciating God and after two other Prayer points, the Power of God broke loose.

We were in a circle and teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 began to burst into tongues. I saw young people who had never been baptised in the Holy Ghost, speak in new languages and began to prophesy. Everyone was basking in new realms of the supernatural, manifesting the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The intensity of prayers was supersaturating. Other teenagers from various zones had to come out of their lodge to watch the Heavenly drama. I was in the Prayer circle, in prayers but also in amazement. A young girl of Delta origin got her tongue locked up in a langue that sounded like German. We asked her questions in English which she understood but couldn’t reply in English but in German. This was strange. Everything was happening so fast.

I had seen the Holy Spirit move in strange ways before, but never in this dimension. As the prayers and manifestations were on, I asked, “Holy Ghost, what’s going on”; and I heard the Lord say to me, “It is I, Jesus”. Wow, Jesus was in the Camp. I lay flat on the floor to celebrate His Majesty. Suddenly one of the teenagers walked up to me and said, “Sir, I see the Son of God, seated at the right of the Father”. That was a confirmation, the gift of revelation was in manifestation. It was a day of amazement! But it was not over!

The Rain of Supernatural Manifestations continued for hours and then my attention was called that a teenage girl was acting funny with demonic manifestations in one of the lodge. I told them to bring her out to the field. She was carrying a serpent spirit, though disguised as a marine spirit, so she was pouring water all over. By the Spirit of Discernment, I knew it was a serpent spirit. I confronted her on this and that was it; light broke forth, the power of God struck her down, and the demon left her.

After a few minutes, another girl started manifesting and she was pulled out to the field. This 16 years old girl carried a marine spirit. After her deliverance, she confessed she had dedicated her father to the marine spirit that year. She was a chorister and a leader in her church was at the Camp to affirm that her father died mysteriously that year. We were on her case till late at night but God delivered her too. Glory to God!!!

Later that night after the whole Spiritual encounters, the delivered 16 years old said, “We knew brother Deji would do this”. Apparently, she was in the same vehicle I boarded to the Camp. They had a plan, they knew all along. They resisted the move but God’s Power prevailed. Hallelujah!

Definitely, I didn’t do anything. It was solely God’s Plan and His execution. The witches are not as powerful. You can still experience God’s move. Ask Him to unleash His Power today in your favour. You will surely testify. God bless you. Arise!

Pastor Deji David Olanrewaju

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About the Author

‘Deji David Olanrewaju is a Business and Leadership Coach. He helps Executives, Business Owners, Ministers and Career Persons stay competitive by Increasing their Corporate Value, Build Winning Teams, Improve Effectiveness and Achieve their Corporate Goals. He is a well known Author, Publisher and Trainer. His passion to empower the young generation has produced many published works; including the widely acclaimed book, “Preparing to Succeed in the Higher Institution”, currently enjoying nationwide coverage with over 30,000 copies in print.

Deji David Olanrewaju is a Minister of the Gospel, with a passion for Societal Transformation. He leads a vast number of young champions across Campuses and Corporate organizations, who lead Kingdom life and impact their spheres with Kingdom culture. He is happily married to Ihechi, a Legal Practitioner and Counsellor to young people. Their union is blessed with children.


  1. Abraham Williams - Reply

    There is power in the name of Jesus.
    Indeed the bible said “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    More grace upon your life sir.

  2. Ene Ogbole - Reply

    Glory to God! The name Jesus is above every other name.
    Witches are not as powerful…
    Most times we accord them too much Power because of fear and they thrive on that to operate.
    Jesus never fails!
    Thank you for being a vessel God is using.

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